About Us

The Sunshine State Horse Council was formed in 1982 under the name “Affiliated Horsemans Organizations of Florida” (AHOOF). The first meeting revolved around trails because at that time, horses were only allowed in two state parks and three national forests which totaled 21 legal miles of horse trails.

The horse council soon extended its reach into all aspects of equine related activities by becoming more involved in broader based legislative issues. This gave the Florida horse industry its first unified voice.

In 1993, AHOOF was changed to the Sunshine State Horse Council (SSHC). The change was necessary to establish a high profile name that makes clear to all equestrian and non-equestrian groups the nature of our organization.

The council continued to establish key relationships with government agencies and was an insturmental force in passing the Zero Liability Equine Law. This opened the door for more shows, public trails, public stables and other equine related activities.

SSHC also helped pass the Equine Safety Bill and after Hurricane Andrew, it made available an equine disaster program to education horse owners, government and emergency workers in the event of a disaster.

Florida has grown in riding areas available through out the state. The SSHC is currently working to increase show and pleasure rider population, encourage growth of new equestrian clubs, and advance the development of trails and equestrian facilities.

In 2008 SSHC became a 501-C-3 organization returning to the original name AHOOF (almost): now Affiliated Horse Owners Of Florida.