The Sunshine State Horse Council is a nonprofit, independent corporation dedicated to serving the interests of our fellow horsemen. There is a place and a purpose for every SSHC member, whether it is the member who shows support by paying dues each year, the person who serves on the board of directors or someone who volunteers from time to time.

Every horse council member is an asset. It is our strength in numbers which enables us to persevere against tough issues. That is why we appreciate your support and encourage our members to be as active as they wish and/or have time for. If you are a member, you ARE involved.

Your participation on a local or state level not only enhances the strength of the SSHC, but also effectively insures your input into new or continuing issues and helps you to widen friendships. The SSHC is a virtual clearinghouse for important information on horses and horse activities. We can assist you through our network of horsemen, organizations, government entities and equine related businesses.

  • Quarterly newsletter.
  • Member discounts on special purchases and SSHC. seminars and workshops.
  • Access to our club and network exchange.
  • Receive current updates through our web site.
  • Contact SSHC for available speakers
  • Access to our club and network exchange.
  • Member discount on special purchases and SSHC seminars and workshops.
  • Newsletter.
  • Member discount on special purchases
  • Listing in newsletter as sponsor of the SSHC.
  • Privilege of using the SSHC logo on your marketing materials to show your customers that you support the growth of the Florida equine industry.
  • If you have a web site, we’ll include a link from this web site as an extra membership benefit.

The Sunshine State Horse Council invites you to become a member of our Ambassador Program. This program is a partnership with people such as yourself to make members of the equine community aware of the Sunshine State Horse Council. All we ask is that you take a few minutes as part of your program to mention the Horse Council, encourage membership, and distribute membership applications. In return, the Sunshine State Horse Council will recognize your business or association, publish your schedule (clinics, shows, events, etc.) in the SSHC newsletter, and provide information about you, your business or your group to the Florida equine community.

For information about receiving membership packets for distribution please contact the SSHC by Email or by phone, at 813.651-5953

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